Desert Stacking Ring Collection - 1 Øak

Desert Stacking Ring Collection

Simple, but gorgeous pieces that features our favorite materials, from 18k hammered gold to brilliantly cut gems to create 1-of-a-kind rings and bands that are must have favorites. The Perfect accessory to highlight any hand wearing it and add the finishing touch.


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1oak jewelry aesthetic rings for herWomens Dainty Everyday Gold Ring Everyday Ring-  1 oak jewelry
Sale price€13,95
Gold Frosted Finish Ring Set 1 oak jewelrywomens diamond dust triple gold ring set 1 oak jewelry
dainty-stackable-rings-14k-gold-matching-sister-rings  gold-stacking-rings-set-1-oak-jewelry
Sale price€13,95
Tarnish Free- 2pc 18k Gold Stacking Ring Gift - 1 Øakwide band gold ring - 1 Øak jewelry
Sale price€20,95
silver pave love ring 1oakgold rings with stones gold filled rings
Sale price€22,95
Women's 18k Gold Birthstone Stone Stacking Ring Set - 1 ØakDainty Gold Ring Tiny Gold Ring Set For Her
Trinity Tri-Color Gold Rolling RingThick Interlocking Set of 3 Rings
Sale price€26,95
Hammered gold band from 1 oak jewelryArtistic ring unique womens stacking ring 1 oak jewelry
Sale price€13,95
14k-gold-stackable-rings -1-Øak1-oak-jewelry-dainty-stackable-rings-14k-gold 
Sale price€13,95
Women's Gold Coachella Desert Stacking Ring Set of 3 - 1 ØakWomen's Gold Coachella Desert Stacking Ring Set of 3 - 1 Øak
Womens 3 Gold Ring Stack Set - 1 oak jewelryWomen's 18k Gold Boho Stacking Ring Set - 1 Øak
18k Rose Gold Cowrie Mother Of Pear Ring - 1 ØakRose Gold Pink Pearl Finish Ring Band
Sale priceFrom €4,95
18k Gold Phantom Diamond Engagement Statement Ring - 1 Øaksilver phantom ring 1 oak jewelry
Gold Wave ring Simple Ringgold stacking rings - gold midi rings stacking ring set from 1 oak jewelry
Sale price€11,95
Double band ring, handmade dainty ringDouble bar wrap around simple gold ring
Sale price€13,95
14k Gold Spiral Wire Wave Ringwire rings womens adjustable rings
Sale price€13,95
three tone rolling ring Tri Gold Ring - Gold Rolling Ring Trinity Band
Sale price€26,95
1 Oak Jewelry Rose gold jewelry set18k Rose Gold Star Dust Ring + Bracelet Stacking Set - 1 Øak
Gold love knot bracelet setJewelry set infinity knot ring gold knot bracelet 
Double Row Diamond Paved 18k Gold Screw RingDouble Row Diamond Paved 18k Gold Screw Ring
Mini Solitaire Dainty RingTiny Gold Promise Ring 1 Oak Jewelry
Sale price€31,95