Solid Silver Iced Chain Bracelet

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Size: 4.5"
Sizing Chart & Measuring

 How to Best Measure Your Wrist

Take a soft tape measure, a string or a shoelace, wrap it around your wrist and then measure the string or shoelace with a ruler in inches to determine your wrist size. If you still need help, please feel free to message our live chat for help.

How To Video

Wrist Size

Bracelet Size Inches (In)

Bracelet Size Centimeters (Cm)


5.5 - 6

14 - 15







Large Wrist



X Large

8 - 8.5

21 - 21.5


 Toddlers & Kids Size Chart


Bracelet Size Inches (In)

Bracelet Size Centimeters (Cm)

0-3 Months



3-9 Months



9-24 Months



2-5 Years



5-8 Years


8+ Years





How to Measure Your Ring Size

1.Printable Ring Sizer: You can find printable ring sizers online. Make sure to follow the printing instructions to ensure accuracy.


2. Use a Ring You Already Have:  Find a ring that fits the finger you plan to wear the new ring on. Measure the inside diameter of the ring and match it to the closest size on the chart below.


3. Send Us Your Ring: Have a ring that fits perfectly, contact us via livechat or email prior and send us your ring. Once we receive it we will use our tools to determine the size and we'll ship it back with your order. 

Ring Size Chart

Here's a conversion chart to help you find the equivalent ring size in other countries:

U.S Size

UK Size EU Size   Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)


G 45.5 14.86 46.68


I 48 15.70 49.32
6 K 50.6 16.51 51.87


M 53.1 17.35 54.51


O 55.7 18.19 57.15


Q 58.3 18.89 59.34


S 60.8 19.84 62.31


U 63.4 20.68 64.97


W 65.9 21.49 67.51


Necklace Size Guide In Inches

necklace size guide

Color: Gold
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A bold piece everyone should have in their collection. This Cuban Chain Bracelet showcases a remarkable balance of strength and refinement. Available in a rich 18k gold and classic silver finish over a solid sterling silver base. Free from undesirable materials such as brass and copper that tarnish and discolor rapidly. This in house bracelet was made to strike the perfect middle ground, bring the quality and build of luxury, high-end pieces and the affordability of everyday jewelry together to create a 1-of-a-kind piece unlike any other.

✧ Ships in: 24 Hours

✧ Custom Size & Width: 13mm bracelet width and custom cut  to size

Wear: Carefully crafted links provide a smooth and seamless feel against your skin, making it a joy to wear throughout the day without irritation. 

Specs: Available in a stunning silver and gold finish over durable sterling silver base, meticulously crafted with the utmost care and hand studded to ensure each gem is set correctly to allow your bracelet to draw attention and highlight any individual wearing it. 

✧ Irritation-free jewelry: Hypoallergenic, perfect for people with sensitive skin or metal allergies.  

Can't Decide Which Material? Let Us Help

Features Sterling Silver
Titanium Steel
Pros & Cons


Pros: Precious metal while more affordable than gold, Easy to stud and encrusted, allowing for gems to be set closer together giving the bracelet a "flooded" look. Durable to withstand everyday wear, Precious Metal: Retains value over time. Coated with a rhodium layer to protect it even more from everyday elements

Cons: Requires more upkeep vs titanium


Pros: Durable and scratch resistant, Lightweight for comfortable wear, Hypoallergenic, Endures years of wear

Cons: Difficult to encrust & stones may be further apart

Durability Moderate High
Precious Metal Non-Precious
Cubic zirconia Cubic zirconia

Requires regular cleaning and upkeep

Minimal upkeep required
Allergy-Friendly Yes Yes
Value Retention Holds value well Value may diminish over time